The Members of the College of Science Committee of Exams (2nd Term-1442) were honored in the presence of the Dean of the College of Science, Prof. Dr. Ali Shati and the Vice Dean for Educational and Academic Affairs, Dr. Mutab AlQahtani, the committee's work for the attendance exams has been concluded.
In the process of achieving a better ranking among local and regional departments of Mathematics, and to improve the mathematical knowledge and skills of its students, the Department of Mathematics (main campus), King Khalid University, Abha is pleased to announce that it will be offering an Exit Exam for the measurement of the bachelor program learning outcomes.  The targeted candidates are both male and female students who are expected to graduate this semester or during the next two semesters of the academic year 1443.  The exam is scheduled to be on Wednesday 04/08/1442 H   17/03/2021. The department will provide a practice booklet for this purpose. All participating male and female students will be rewarded with a special bonus for the top three of the two parts.
The book "Nuclear Power Plants" was published by Prof. Dr. Nasser Sayed Awwad, faculty member of the college of science.       Link: "Nuclear Power Plants"  
The nomination of candidates admitted to the MSc's and PhD programs at the College of Science has been completed and will be announced later.
In the past two weeks, the College of Science represented by the Deanship for Development and Quality organized three virtual workshops, the first entitled “Course Description Review Mechanism”, the second workshop entitled “Writing and Coordination of the Course Report” and the third entitled “Performance Indicators and Reference comparisons”. The supervisor of the development and quality unit presented these workshops targeting faculty members in college departments. These workshops derive in the context of the progress of the College of Science programs for academic accreditation by the Education and Training Evaluation Commission and under the follow-up and supervision of the Dean of the College of Science.
The Vice President of King Khalid University Prof. Dr. Mohammed Hamid Al-Buhairi, accompanied by the Dean of the College of Sciences, Prof. Dr. Ali Al-Shati and the Head of the Chemistry Department, Dr. Saleh Al-Arfaji, Monday 5/13/1442 Hijri, visited the College of Science - Department of Chemistry to follow up the maintenance work of the laboratory facilities and the department, in preparation for the upcoming semesters, and to ensure the readiness of the laboratories and the availability of the necessary safety means in the students' laboratories. His Excellency praised what had been accomplished and urged the employees of the department to complete the periodic follow-up of maintenance work. His Excellency also directed the employees of the Operation and Maintenance Department to complete all the tasks entrusted to them and hand them over at the specified times.
A number of students from the Faculty of Science at King Khalid University visited the Saudi Aramco Environmental Exhibition on Wednesday 2/2/1441 at Al-Rashid Mall - Abha. A member of the Community Service Committee at the Faculty of Science, Dr. Atef Mosaad Ali, accompanied them. A team of the company explained to the students about some of the company's contributions to the preservation of the environment and society such as nature reserves, groundwater resources, plants, birds and rare animals. The visit left a good impression among students on the importance of their role in preserving the natural environment.  
Within its activities to welcome new students.. The College of Science holds a reception for its new students The Faculty of Science, represented by the Science Club at the College, organized a reception for new students under the auspices of the Dean of the College prof. Ali Shati, who in his speech welcomed all the students, blessing them with their first academic year, wishing them university years full of giving and excellence to be a building block in this great scientific edifice and this giving country. The meeting was followed by an open meeting between the students, the Vice Dean, the Registrar of the College, the Head of the Guidance and Counseling Unit, and the pioneer of student activism. He also reviewed the student activity and how to join the club and the most important achievements in previous years and urged students to participate in the club to showcase their talents. At the end of the ceremony, the students were honored with symbolic prizes to encourage them to be more distinguished
The Research Center of the Faculty of Science, in cooperation with the Deanship of Scientific Research Day for the College of Science, is pleased to invite you to attend the Program of the 14th Annual Scientific Research Day of the College of Science on Monday, 25 Rajab 1440 H, 1 April 2019 from 8 am to 2 pm at center-hall number 5 for men members and the dental classroom for women members.  
On Monday, 15/5/1440 H, the Science Club started its activity plan for the second semester for the academic year 1439/1440 H, by a meeting with the new students for this term. The meeting was attended by Dr. Ali Alshati- Dean of the College- and Dr. Moteb Alqahtani- Vice Dean. The students of the club were honored and gifts were also distributed to students attending by random numbers.
The Department of Chemistry in cooperation with Saudi Arabian International Chemical Science Society organized a workshop for faculty members entitled "Team-Based Learning" on 11 Jumada I 1440 (1/16/2019). The course was supervised by Dr. Khalid Alhooshani, Associate Professor in King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. The workshop was attended by Dr. Mohammed Ali Assiri, Head of Chemistry Department and faculty members of College of Science.
On 14/3/1437 (3/5/2018), a ceremony was held to honor the departing faculty members of the Chemistry Department in a meeting attended by Dr. Mohammed Ali Assiri, Head of Chemistry Department and faculty staff members. At the end of the meeting, shields and souvenir gifts were presented to the departing fellows with expressions of thanks and appreciation.
Physics Department honors M.Sc. Students on the Third Scientific Symposium (Wednesday 11-7-1439 H  28-3-2018 A.D.) and honors the Symposium guest Dr. Abd Allah Al-Harby (KACST).
On Tuesday, 10/7/1439 H, the Science Club finished its activity plan for the second semester for the academic year 1438/1439 H, with a meeting attended by Dr. / Dean of the College and Dr. Ali Al Shati, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs. Dr. Ahmed Fouda presented the achievements of the club. The students of the club and Students with the highest cumulative rates were also honored; gifts were also distributed to students attending by random numbers.
The science club coordinated the students of the College of Science boys and Girls divisions on Thursday, 8/3/2018, accompanied by Dr. Mohammed Ali Asirind, Head of the Chemistry Department, to visit King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in order to identify the opportunities and methods of joining the University for Students to complete their higher studies. Prof. Najah Al-Ashri, Vice-President of Saudi Arabia, welcomed the college and encouraged them to join the university to complete their higher education.  The team then visited the laboratories of bio-science and nanotechnology, where some samples were presented for the latest research conducted by the laboratory in the field of nanomaterials   The delegation also visited the Catalysis Laboratory and then heard two presentations by Dr/Sahika Inal and Dr/Ying Su on the latest research conducted by the University in the field of biological sciences and statistics.   At the end of the visit, the team visited a model of a student housing unit.
The Science Club in coordination with the Deanship of e-learning presented on Monday 10/6/1439 H a lecture to students on how to use Blackboard.  Where Mr/Mohammed Jarallah al-Hababi, the Director of Training Deanship explained   A detailed explanation of the types of e-learning  The importance of the advertising page and the services provided to students  The benefits of the lectures page and its importance to student  The importance of time management in e-learning  Method of solving tasks and tests on the Blackboard  How to participate in forums At the end of the lecture, Mohammed Al-Hababy listened to questions from students about how to use the Blackboard and responded to it  
The Science Club started today Tuesday 27/5/1439 H his activities for the current semester by presenting a program for students to raise awareness of the harmful use of plastic materials in the hall of the Faculty of Science in the presence of the Dean of the College Dr. Sulaiman bin Abdullah Al-Ruman and the vice dean Dr. Motaib Al-Qahtani and Dr. Ali Al-Shati. Dr. Ibrahim Eid and Dr. Nasser Awwad presented a detailed explanation of the chemical composition of the plastic and the damage of the misuse of plastic materials and the alternatives proposed to be used. A number of videos showing the danger of misuse of these materials were presented.
The Faculty of Science participated in the admission exhibition for high school students under the supervision of the steering and guidance unit in the college. The four departments of the faculty contributed to its participation. Some of the distinguished students in the faculty presented some experiments to the students and discussed them. For the bachelor's program in the departments as well as the objectives, vision and message of the college, and resulted in the college receiving the memorial of his acceptance and registration, handed over to the Dean of the College.
The Science Club finished tuesday 10/3/1439 H its activity plan for the first semester of the academic year 1438/1439 H. in the presence of Dr. Mutab Al-Qahtani, Vice-Dean of the Faculty and the heads of the departments and faculty members with a ceremony, in which the pioneer of student activity, Dr. Ahmed Fouda, gave a brief about the activities of the club. The participants in the activities of the club as well as the winning teams in sports competitions and students with the highest cumulative rates were honored.
The Science Club presented on Sunday 1439/02/09 h a specialized course in first aid for students of the Faculty of Science in cooperation with the Saudi Red Crescent in Asir region. The training course specialized in first aid, which benefited 40 students in the college, will help them in their university life and will benefit in their practical life after graduation.​