The 2nd Scientific Forum of the Department of Physics: Our Students are Creative Researchers


Within the activities of the second scientific forum of the Physics Department (7-8-1438 AH, 3-5- 2017 AD), Dr. Moteb Al-Qahtani, Head of the Physics Department, reviewed the achievements and activities of the department then the Dr. Obeid Al-Blaim, Vice Dean of Scientific Research, emphasized the support of the university for the scientific research of professors and M.Sc. students. The guest of the meeting, Dr. Mohammed Zafer Al-Amari, King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology, gave a lecture on the importance of the role of male and female students in scientific research.


The M.Sc. students then presented summaries of their research. At the end of the meeting, the outstanding participants were honored. The students of the department, members of the football team, were also honored.