Department of Physics Is Honored by Dr Fethi Maiz for Publishing His Book

Doctor Fethi Maiz, an associate professor in the Department of Physics, has published a book entitled “Quantum Mechanics (I)” at Lambert Academic Publishing. This book is a coherent sequence of Quantum Mechanics lecture notes for undergraduate and graduate students. The order of the book chapters is well organized with increasing difficulties; such that, each chapter is rich in detailed calculations for the topic under consideration. This book assumes that the students are well aware of many physical phenomena, such as, black body radiation, photoelectric effect, Compton effect, theory of relativity, and Bohr's model of the hydrogen atom.


The contents of this book are covered in one semester according to the following sequence:

  1. Introduction and recall math

  2. Establishment of the Schrödinger equation

  3. The free particle

  4. Quantum well infinite

  5. Finished quantum well

  6. Potential barrier and quantum tunneling

  7. Linear potential

  8. Harmonic oscillator: The algebraic method

  9. harmonic oscillator: The analytical method

  10. The potential Dirac

  11. Postulates of quantum mechanics

  12. Quantum box

  13. The Schrödinger equation in 3D

  14. Numerical methods.


This book enhances the student ability to:

  • Write correctly the Schrödinger equation in many complicated cases

  • Solve the Schrödinger equation problem and apply correctly the conditions of continuity of the wavefunction and its normalization

  • Apply a numerical method such as the Numerov’s one, asymptotic iteration or the Airy function approach to study systems without accurate solutions

  • Interpret these results and verify it.


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