Social Meeting Between College of Science Administration and Its Students


On Tuesday 27-01-1439, the College of Science Club held a meeting at the university's events hall, where members of the College of Science Club and a number of the College of Science students were gathered in the presence of Vice-Dean of the College (Dr. Moteb Mojeb G. Alqahtani), Biology Chair (Mohammed Ali Al-kahtani), Chemistry Chair (Mohammed Ali Assiri), Mathematics Chair (Dr. Ibrahim Mufrah Almanjahie), and Physics Chair (Dr. Ali Mohammad Alshehri).


The meeting started with a welcoming speech from the pioneer student activity, Dr. Ahmed Fouda.

The students then talked with the audience about how to develop scientific research for the students in the college, how to benefit from the College of Science Club and develop its activities. Some students suggested some activities for the science club to be offered during the next semester. At the end of the meeting, the audience had a dinner.