Vision, Mission and Objectives of BSc of Physics Program


Our Program, "Master in Physics," aims to become one of the leading master programs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the next five years, and graduates skillful and well-educated researchers at national and international levels, and provide scientific and technical support for the national community and domestic industries.


The Master of Science in Physics program aims to provide the students with the required theoretical and experimental physics knowledge to be professional physicists with analytical, creative, systematic, critical, and independent capabilities. The program provides initiatives to both staff and students to conduct practical research in broad areas of Physics and its applications. Partner students with faculty staff to perform cutting-edge research on joint projects with direct supervision and intense feedback. Initiate students into the worldwide scholarly community and improve their oral and written communication skills by writing research papers, presenting results at conferences and seminars, producing theses and dissertations, and preparing students for Ph.D. programs in physics or employment in research academic-related jobs. To graduate students with excellent character and competencies in physics to compete nationally and internationally. To provide service to the community by developing knowledge, models, and various problem-solving, and implement the application and development of science and technology in physics towards innovations to serve the community and national industries.


Goals and Objectives:

The main goals and objectives of the Master of Science in Physics Program are to:

  1. Become one of the leading physics graduate programs in KSA with advanced knowledge and applications on research and development,
  2. Promote physics research in KSA, and Gain regional and international recognition by providing high-quality physics education and research publications at technical conferences and journals.
  3. Provide graduates with the essential knowledge and the necessary mathematical skills to solve problems, especially in applying physics or systematic scientific thinking to solve these problems.
  4. Engage graduates in scientific research and communicate their research results effectively.
  5. Produce graduates who can teach and guide others in studying physics and effectively disseminate the physics knowledge to the coming generations.
  6. To impart quality education in physics to students to become globally competitive physicists.
  7. Create a sense of ethical responsibilities among students.