Mission and Objectives of BSc of Physics Program

Mission of KKU

To provide an academic environment conducive to teaching, learning, scientific research and social contribution through optimal utilization of our resources.


Mission of College

To provide distinct academic programs and perform scientific research at international standards to develop the local and regional communities.


Mission of Physics Program

To prepare qualified physicists having the knowledge, scientific and research skills and innovation needed to serve the society and compete in the labor market.


Objectives of physics program

  1. To provide students with professional and research knowledge and skills in the field of physics.
  2. To qualify students, refining their research and professional skills, and provide them with work ethics and values.
  3. To produce scientific researches in various fields of physics directed to solving the problems of society.
  4. To build partnerships with the community that contribute to sustainable development.


Correlation of the University and College missions - Correlation of the College and Program missions - Correlation of the program objectives and the program's mission