Summer Training Program (online) for Male and Female students of the College for the Year 1443 AH.

The College of Science is pleased to announce the start of preparation for the summer training program (online) for male and female students of the college for the year 1443 AH.

The program is an initiative that seeks to achieve the vision and mission of the College of Science, which serves the vision and mission of the university, the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, and the National Transformation Program, which emphasizes the importance of supporting education to contribute to advancing development, the national economy, and the development of human capabilities.

The program is a training in data science using the Matlab program, and this program will be online, as it contains four courses, and the student must pass these courses to be able to obtain certificate of specialization in this field. To find out more details about this program, you can access this link:
 To know the conditions for entering the comparison - criteria for comparison - how to apply - and to communicate, click here


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