Admission and Graduation Requirements

Admission and graduation requirements

Admission requirements

1- The applicant must be a Saudi national or a Saudi mother.

(If the applicant is of a Saudi mother, he must send proof of that (the mother’s national identity - a copy of the birth certificate - family card) to the following email

2- Obtaining a national identity.

3- The applicant must not have been dismissed academically or disciplinary from the university or from any other Saudi university.

4- No more than five years have passed since the date of obtaining the general secondary certificate, bearing in mind that priority for admission is given to graduates of the most recent year.


Graduation requirements

1- The student graduates after successfully completing all subjects of the study plan, provided that his cumulative GPA is not less than (2-5).

2- In the event that his GPA is lower, the College Council may based on the recommendation of the relevant department council, specify suitable courses for the student to study to raise his cumulative GPA.