Program Strategy

1- The goals of the Department of Physics in the College of Science, King Khalid University are built upon the mission statement of the University "to providing relevant academic environments for high-quality education, conducting innovative scientific research, providing constructive community services, and maximizing the employment of knowledge techniques". Our goals aim to provide an excellent undergraduate and graduate education to scientific students that will enable them to make significant contributions to the advancement of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to;

2- Develop a culture of research and professionalism that will contribute to progress of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as to the personal growth and development of the faculty members of the department. 

3- Develop outstanding physics, physics educators, and physics professionals who will become leaders in shaping the future of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 

4- Strengthen collaboration between physics as well as with other the beneficiaries.  Accordingly, encourage and advance links with industry. 

5- Open new window for all students to achieve their physical potential by increasing the ability to think and communicate physically - precisely, logically, and creatively to achieve their physical potential.