Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes –MSc’s Program



K1- State fundamentals of mathematics.

K2- Write well-defined features of some branches of mathematics.

K3- Recognize features of some applications of mathematics in other disciplines.

K4- Memorize mathematics and mathematical methods to some applications.



S1- Use definitions and theorems to solve problems.

S2- Justify logically and mathematically the solution steps.

S3- Link different knowledge and skills in the program.

S4- Formulate mathematical models for some practical issues.



C1- Communicate effectively. An ability to communicate concepts and methods of applied mathematics, and their relation to problems in different disciplines.

C2- Work effectively, both independently and as part of an interdisciplinary group.

C3- Identify, select, plan for (including resource planning), use and evaluate IT applications and strategies to enhance the achievement of aims and desired outcomes.

C4- Take full responsibility for initiating, identifying, amending, and achieving aims and desired outcomes, using new skills/ techniques as required.

C5- Able to articulate awareness of and demonstrate personal characteristics that positively impact the workplace.