Strategic Plan Committee

Tasks of the Committee: 

1- Preparing a work plan for the college and academic departments in order to obtain programmatic accreditation.

2- Supervising the work plan that includes all the necessary practices for program accreditation, with periodic evaluation and the necessary update.

3- Submit periodic reports to the Dean of the College on the extent to which the academic departments meet the requirements for program accreditation.

4- Enlightening the faculty staff, leaders and members of the faculty, of the requirements for program accreditation and the position of the programs on those requirements.

5- Reviewing all documents necessary for program accreditation.

6- Designing the necessary forms to monitor the extent to which the program accreditation requirements are fulfilled at the college and departmental level.

7- Coordination between the academic departments of the college and its units to fulfill the common requirements between the advanced programs for accreditation.

8- Coordination of meetings and visits for stakeholders through programmatic accreditation from inside and outside the university.

9- Communicate with the relevant authorities for program accreditation to provide the evidence and difference documents necessary for program accreditation.

10- Nomination of committees and work teams at the college and department level to fulfill the program accreditation requirements.

11- Providing advice and guidance to committees and teams working on program accreditation requirements.