College registrar for undergraduate programs

College registrar: Dr. Kamel Ahmad Jaber Al-Tamimi

Office No. C/2

Ext. 9679

Registrar Job description

Job specific information

College Registrar


Facilitation of the registration process for students

Main purpose



Admissions Department - Administrative Attorney


Hall supervisor

Responsible party

Guidance by the hall supervisor and coordinating with the rest of the department's functions and supervising the students of his faculty.

Relationship with other jobs

The registrar supervises the registration of the student, both according to his faculty. Orientation by the department manager and the hall supervisor


Direct liability

Responsibility for errors

Full powers in the field of executing the orders given by the Director of the Admission and Registration Deanship.

Authority limits

A calm and independent office

Working conditions

Computer - Printer - Stationery Telephone Device

Tools, machines and devices

Bachelor's degree as a minimum


Annual allowance

Promotion condition
















Duties and responsibilities

1- Direct participation in the admission and assistance of the new students.

2- Carry out student registration, withdrawal and addition activities.

3- Extracting grade lists and enrollment certificates.

4- Follow up the movement for changing marks of the graduate student.

5- Response to student inquiries, resolve their academic problems and guide them.

6- Fill out transfer, postponement, re-registration and follow-up requests (The student can submit them online).

7- Follow up the student file until graduation.

8- Follow up on the student’s academic issues with the colleges.

9- Check the registration process in general and of the warned and dismissed students in particular.

10- Perform other related tasks.

11- Help the new students and solving their problems.

12- Perform similar tasks assigned to him.