Unit of Demonstrators, Lecturers and Scholars Affairs


Duties of the Unit of the Affairs of Teaching Assistants, Lecturers, and Graduate Scholarship Holders

  • Preparing reports related to teaching assistants and lecturers in the college.
  • Proposing and following up the annual plan for graduate scholarship granted to the college's teaching assistants and lecturers in coordination with the academic departments.
  • Receiving new graduate scholarship applications transferred to the unit by the academic departments to present them before the college's council.
  • Receiving requests for scholarship holders transferred from the Scholarship Management to pass them down to the academic departments and their councils.
  • Establishing a database for the college's graduate scholarship holders in coordination with the scholarship administration.
  • Following up the affairs of the college's scholarship holders, both nationally and internationally, in coordination with the academic departments, Scholarship Management, and the Deanship of Graduate Studies.
  • Oversighting and following up the reports prepared by the academic departments' scholarship committees.
  • Implementing the part of the college's strategic plan related to graduate scholarships.