Unit of Postgraduate Studies


Duties of the Unit of Graduate Studies

  • Preparing reports and forms related to the college's graduate programs.
  • Preparing a plan for graduate studies in the college in coordination with the academic departments aimed at specific goals to be achieved by the scientific dissertations.
  • Oversighting the establishment and enhancement of graduate programs and evaluating them.
  • Oversighting the orientation activities aimed at graduate students in the college and following up their execution.
  • Receiving gradate applications from the Deanship of Graduate Studies, transferring them toe the academic departments, and oversighting the graduate admissions processes in coordination with both entities.
  • Coordinating with the academic departments and the Deanship of Graduate Studies with respect to the number of admitted graduate students and the admission requirements.
  • Receiving the recommendations of the academic departments regarding graduate students and transferring them to the Deanship of Graduate Studies after their approval by the college's council.
  • Oversighting the graduate students' academic procedures in accordance with the relevant regulations in coordination with the programs' coordinators in the college's academic departments.
  • Supervising the work of the college's graduate registerer.
  • Supplying the academic departments with the graduate studies regulations and acts and ensuring their implementation.
  •  Coordinating with the academic departments to follow up the regular reports supplied by the academic and/or theses advisors.
  • Monitoring difficulties and challenges faced by the vice-deanship of graduate studies in all issues related to graduate studies and suggestions their solutions.
  • Implementing the part of the college's strategic plan related to graduate studies.