Community Service Unit

Supervisor of Female Section: Mona Ahmari

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Nasser Awwad

Office No. C/3/100

Ext. 7420

Vision :

Providing an appropriate environment for talented and creative students from the university.


The Community Service Unit seeks to provide community services through training programs, scientific seminars and workshops to serve the local and regional community.


1 - Preparing training programs and scientific seminars for local and regional community groups.

2 - Achieving the principle of internal community partnership with the branches of the university (colleges - departments - deanships - research centers).

3 - Achieving the principle of external community partnership with institutions and companies in the local community.

4 - Investing the energies of distinguished faculty and staff within the university in the field of training and community service.

5 - Attracting qualified trainers from outside the university, especially Saudi universities and research centers, after completing all the necessary security measures.

Unit tasks:

1 - Monitor, organize and document community service activities and their development.

2 - Urging the faculty staff to participate in community service activities.

3- Following up on the documentation of activities (such as consultations, courses, workshops, and the career day).

4- Issuing certificates of the submitted activity.

5- Preparing a report on community service activities and submitting it to the college vice president.

6 - Evaluating the college’s participation in community service activities and events.

7- Assisting the Vice Dean in planning and organizing everything that would facilitate the workflow of the unit.


The proposed training programs for the College of Science, the second semester for both student and students
Female students for the year 1442 AH

Final report on community service activities for the College of Science 1441-1442 (1st term)

Final report on community service activities for the College of Science 1440-1441

Final report on community service activities for the College of Science 1439-1440