Admission and Graduation Requirements

I- Admission Requirements (male and female students available)

1- A bachelor’s degree in mathematics.

2- Passing tests and personal interview conducted by the department.

If needed, all complementary courses that will be proposed must be passed with a grade of C or higher.

3- Passing one of the English language tests specified below with a score of no less than:

TOEFL-IBT: 45 points

STEP: 67



II- Graduation Requirements

Pass 26 hours in 7 core courses with a grade of at least C in each course.

  • Pass 6 hours in two elective courses with a grade of at least C in each course.
  • Not let his GPA to be less than 3.75 upon completion of each level.
  • Prepare a scientific thesis for graduation according to the department's template and present it to a defense/examination committee designated by the department's graduate studies committee.
  • Defense/examination committee recommends that the thesis can be accepted and that the degree can be awarded.