Learning Outcomes

Program Learning Outcomes –Bachelor’s Program


1- Knowledge:

  • To demonstrate a thorough understanding of the fundamental theories and concepts in chemistry
  • To recognize the fundamentals of mathematics, physics, and biology related to chemical science
  • To outline the recent experimental findings, developments, and applications of chemistry in life

2- Skills:

-To show appropriate applications of skills, methods, techniques and practices in chemistry to solve problems

-To demonstrate good practice of methods of investigation and research in chemistry and related fields

-To illustrate appropriate use of chemicals and equipment for carrying out experiments following safety procedures

-To interpret and evaluate chemical data from the literature and experimental results

3-  Competence:

  • To demonstrate social responsibility and ethical principles
  • To show independency and working effectively in peer relationships for solving problems
  • To acquire self-confidence to enter job market or integrate graduate programs
  • To show effective oral and written communication
  • To transmit relevant technical information from database and professional search engines