Admission and Graduation Requirements


I- Admission Requirements (male and female students available)

1. The applicant must be a Saudi or has a grant for postgraduate studies if he is not Saudi

2. The applicant obtained a college degree from a Saudi University or another attested University.

2. Submission of two Recommendation letters.

3. The consent of the employer if an employee.

4. Get an estimate of "good high: 3.5 /5" and very good in the specialty subjects.

4. To pass the department's acceptance test by at least 50%.

5. Pass one of the English language tests specified below with a score of no less than:

TOEFL-IBT: 45 points

STEP: 67




II- Requirements for Master Programs - Department of Chemistry - College of Science - King Khalid University

1. The student should complete thirty-two study units.

2. The student submits a thesis project and is equivalent to six study units.

3. The master's thesis should be written in English, provided that it contains an adequate abstract in Arabic.