Field visit of the Vice President of King Khalid University, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hamid Al-Buhairi of Research and Teaching Laboratories of the College of Science - Department of Chemistry

The Vice President of King Khalid University Prof. Dr. Mohammed Hamid Al-Buhairi, accompanied by the Dean of the College of Sciences, Prof. Dr. Ali Al-Shati and the Head of the Chemistry Department, Dr. Saleh Al-Arfaji, Monday 5/13/1442 Hijri, visited the College of Science - Department of Chemistry to follow up the maintenance work of the laboratory facilities and the department, in preparation for the upcoming semesters, and to ensure the readiness of the laboratories and the availability of the necessary safety means in the students' laboratories.
His Excellency praised what had been accomplished and urged the employees of the department to complete the periodic follow-up of maintenance work.
His Excellency also directed the employees of the Operation and Maintenance Department to complete all the tasks entrusted to them and hand them over at the specified times.

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