E-Learning Unit

Dr.  Jamil Hazmi


Office No. C/3/92

Vision & mission:

Elearning unit’s vision  can be summarized in contributing effectively to enable both faculty and students to fulfill their changing needs and aspirations through using embedded eLearning".

Elearning unit’s mission  is to enable both faculty and students  in the College of Science to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction of learning.

As part of the strategic plan for eLearning in KKU, the following objectives have been set according to the vision and needs.


  • Availability of E-learning for all.
  • Enable faculty and students to develop, share and reuse of learning resources.
  • Optimal use of e-learning tools to help solve problems and meet the needs of the College.
  • To contribute of raising the overall assessment among university faculties both internally and externally.
  • Apply of the international quality standards for online courses.
  • Create electronic identity for the College  to serve the educational process and raise them and makes them valid for trading between local and international universities.