Alumni Unit

Supervisor of Female Section: Noora Alwadei

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Nasser Awwad

Office No. C/3/100

Ext. 7420

Unit Handbook (PDF file)


Reaching regional and international leadership in narrowing the gap between the college’s programs and the labor market, and striving to continuously communicate with graduates to build their skills and equip them with the necessary skills to develop themselves.


Providing a professional national reference with a local depth by consolidating the relationship between the college and its graduates, instilling the concepts of belonging and loyalty among the ranks of the graduates and urging them to continue mutual giving and cooperation with the university in order to advance community service in line with the requirements of the labor market, in support of the university’s mission, goals and vision.


1- The Alumni Association Unit is the unit responsible for achieving the following goals, which revolve around two main pillars, namely the graduates and the business sector.
2- Take advantage of the available facilities provided by the university to use its scientific and cultural facilities.
3- Educating graduates about the importance of their role in developing academic programs at the university by providing the university with the results of information acquired in various fields of working life regarding the actual needs of the labor market.
4- Developing teamwork skills to achieve the unit's goals.
5- Providing a platform for graduates to raise their issues and aspirations and work to overcome the difficulties they face, especially in relation to the university's tasks or related to its mission.
6- Keeping the graduate in constant contact with the academic and scientific climate to exchange views and update his scientific information by following up on new scientific developments through what the university provides to the Association in terms of communication channels between it and the community with its various bodies, professors and students.
7- Involving alumni in its various activities and university activities. Documenting the relationship between the League and similar organizations in the Gulf states and other countries.
8- Establishing and preparing various university facilities that serve the members of the Association and the community.

Tasks of the Alumni Unit:

1 - Paving the way for male and female students to find a decent place in the labor market.

2 - Ensure the achievement of a level of communication to enable them to participate in the college’s activities, programs, courses and workshops that gain them labor market skills.

3 - Activating the Career Day in the college and inviting partnerships and governmental and private bodies to present their specialization needs and participate in the development of academic programs to ensure the improvement of the quality of programs and graduates and their qualification for the labor market.