Student Affairs & Academic Advising Unit

Unit supervisors for the Female and Male section
Dr. Maryam Tohri  -    Prof. Dr. Nasser Awwad

Office No. C/3/100

Ext. 7420

Unit guide (PDF file)


Excellence and leadership in providing counseling services and student activities in accordance with international standards in order to meet the needs of students and contribute to developing their personalities, refining their skills, taking care of their talents, and making them effective members of their community distinguished locally, regionally and internationally.


Striving to provide various counseling services to students that meet their different needs and work on their harmony with their academic environment and their awareness of the rules and regulations followed, in addition to developing their personalities, discovering their talents and taking care of them, and helping them overcome the difficulties they face during their academic career.


Supervising the achievement of the following objectives, evaluating its plans, measuring the quality of its performance through specific performance indicators, characterizing strengths and developing proposals to enhance them and weaknesses, and proposing ways to avoid them: 

  • Providing a healthy academic environment for students that characterized by positive social relations with their colleagues, faculty members and faculty members, and building successful responses in the face of academic problems that encounter them in different situations throughout the period of study at the college.
  • Developing appropriate plans for academic advising and various student activities in light of the needs of male and female students.
  • Providing preparation programs for male and female students in order to educate them about university life and the rules and regulations followed in it through indicative and guiding programs to introduce the college.  The facilities and services it provides to them, how they can obtain them. In addition to introducing them to the changes that may face them in their university life and how to deal with them.
  • Introducing students to their study plans, the various academic movements, dates for submitting their applications electronically, explaining their method to them, and spreading awareness among them about the academic regulations.
  • Providing students with academic skills that raise their academic achievement through appropriate programs, courses and meetings.
  • Taking care of defaulting students by identifying the causes of faltering, developing remedial plans for them, seeking help from specialists if necessary, and following up on their condition and their progress during the semesters.
  • Encouraging outstanding students to achieve more and directing them to invest their capabilities and potentials in areas that are compatible with their scientific interests and preferences.
  • Helping students with special needs, during their university life, to achieve the highest levels of psychological and social adjustment and academic achievement as permitted by their abilities, study their problems, and work to solve them.