Learning Outcomes

Biology Program Learning Outcomes

By the end of the program, the students are expected to have the required skills to identify various scientific terms in different fields of biological sciences and recognize the principles of biodiversity and taxonomy of living organisms. They will able to describe the fundamental concepts, theories, advanced processes, techniques, and applications of different biological phenomena. The students will recognize the environmental factors and their impact on ecosystems. They will define the abnormal conditions that biological organisms may suffer from and how to be diagnosed and treated. The students be able to perform microscopic examination and analytical tests of cells, tissues, blood, body fluids, and other materials. They will have the ability to apply the scientific methods and techniques to analyze the biological data and solve the environmental problems. The students will have the skill to interpret the biological laboratory results and use the statistical approaches to manage the data. The students will have the skill to share effective communication within groups and demonstrate leadership, team player, and desire for continuing education for the professional development. They will effectively utilize computer software and internet technology applications.