Club of Science

Achieving excellence and building the club’s member whole personalities, mind, body and spirit in an integrated manner in all aspects, developing their skills and attitudes, and investing their time in a positive and fruitful manner.

Preparing and developing educational activities to build personalities of the club’s members in a positive and balanced manner that enables them to contribute to the national development process in an effective manner. 


Promoting creative members and directing their talents towards what serves their religion and their country.

Contributing to the preparation and development of the club’s members personalties and the formation of their integrated and balanced personalities.

Connecting club’s members with their community and strengthening the bonds with their country and nation.

Achieving distinction and creativity in various educational and training activities.

Encouraging the social life and interaction between the club’s members and developing fraternal relations among them.

Endorsing outstanding club’s members 

Supporting people with special needs among the club’s members.

Investing leisure time of the club’s members for their benefits.



Student Activities Reports:



Final report on community service activities for the College of Science 1441-1442 (1st term)

Final report on community service activities for the Biology Deapartment 1438-1441