Preparation for summer training for students of the College

Faculty of Science is pleased to announce the start of preparation for summer training for students of the College for the year 1439/1440H.

Definition of the program:

The program is an initiative that seeks to achieve the Vision and Mission of the College of Science which serves the vision and mission of the university and the vision of the Kingdom 2030 and the national transformation program which emphasizes the importance of supporting education to contribute to the advancement of development and the national economy.

The program is intensive training for six weeks in a country outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (one of the countries of Europe or America or Australia) during the summer school year 1439/1440 AH. The program contains 162 to 216 hours of training 27 hours per week for each student - The program includes intensive training in English language and programs in entrepreneurship and creative thinking in solving problems and identify the latest technologies related to specialization (chemistry - physics - biology The program will also provide field visits to companies, factories, laboratories and leading laboratories in specialization.


Conditions of entry into the trade-off:


  1.   The student / student exceeds at least 62 hours at the end of the second semester of the year 1439/1440 H.
  2.   Students of the fifth level and up to the seventh level are allowed to compete in the program.
  3.   The student / student should not be registered for the summer semester of this year
  4.   Approval of the student's guardian


Criteria for differentiation:


  •   60% of the cumulative rate after the end of the first semester of the academic year 1439/1440 H
  •   30% for the STEP language test provided by the National Centre for Measurement.
  •   10% pass the personal interview


Method of submission:


  1.   Make a copy and fill in the required forms via this link: Download and fill the forms. 
  2.   The completed forms and a copy of the test certificate of measuring the English language shall be sent by e-mail:, no later than 1/7/1440 H.
  3.   The appointment will be determined through text messages for those who meet the criteria of differentiation.
  4.   After the nomination, the original test certificate of measuring the English language must be delivred to the unit guidance and a pledge will be signed by the student and the guardian.

 To communicate:

  For questions about the program you can contact the following email:
  Telephone Office: 7420

A briefing will be held on the program and its objectives in the coming weeks and will be announced through text messages.