Committee of Higher Education Studies


Committee Duties

  1. Prepare exams for applicants of postgraduate studies and proposed the accepted students to the head of department.

  2. Provide academic guidance to graduate students.

  3. Study applications from students regarding to an additional opportunities and/or re-entry, with recommendations to the head of department.

  4. Propose the lecturers of department members for postgraduate program to the head of department.

  5. Propose possible number of students for the coming years.

  6. General supervision of the master projects which includes:

    1. Inviting faculty and student members for the preparation of research proposals for further evaluation from the committee.

    2. Organizing seminars for students' proposals and research projects, and coordinate it with the Committee on Cultural Affairs and Social.

    3. Follow-up to the adoption of research plans to graduate students procedures.

    4. Monitoring progress of research projects of graduate students through periodic reports.

    5. Verifying compliance rules of writing Theses according to department, college and deanship of postgraduate studies.

    6. Coordination of the arbitration and debate proceedings.

  7. Renovation and development of the implementation mechanism of action related to the committee's tasks.

  8. Develop and update the relevant forms related to the committee's tasks.

  9. Prepare the annual report on the committee's performance to the head of department.


Director of the Committee





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Assistant Professor

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Department of Chemistry, College of Science

King Khalid University

POB: 9004, Postal Code: 61413

Abha, Saudi Arabia