Development and Quality Unit


To attain the ideal supervision on academic development processes and quality practices.


To continuously develop the college practices, following the national and international quality standards.


  1. To verify the applications of the standards of the Education Evaluation Commission to the college practices.

  2. To initiate and support plans for the college development.

  3. To consolidate the quality culture.

  4. To follow-up the fulfillment of the objectives and the learning outcomes of academic programs.

  5. To provide technical support for accreditation of academic programs.

  6. To organize the visit programs of external reviewers and academic accreditation teams.

  7. To revise and develop the contents of course and program files.

  8. To supervise the self-studies of the college, departments and academic programs.

  9. To verify the execution of the priorities of improvements and the continuity of positive practices.

  10. To strive for an administrative accreditation for the college.

  11. To review booklets, bulletins and brochures of the departments, academic programs and units.