Saudi Physical Society


The Saudi Physical Society (SPS) was established at King Khalid University in 1422 H, and the approval of the University Council No. 11.16.1422 (03.15.1422 / 1423 H). This Society seeks to create the means of communication between those specializing in various physical sciences through convening and organizing seminars and conferences in the field of physical sciences and in the methods of teaching physics. SPS also seeks to support and promote cooperation between researchers in different fields of the physical sciences inside and outside the Kingdom.

SPS Objectives

  1. Development of scientific research in various fields of the physical sciences in the Kingdom to develop and promote its standards to compete with the global scientific research.

  2. Achieving scientific communication between members of SPS and to promote cooperation between universities and society.

  3. Providing scientific advice in various areas of the physical sciences.

  4. Developing scientific and professional performance of the members of SPS and exchanging experiences about the best ways to teach subjects of Physical Sciences and methods of outreach to society.

  5. Facilitating the exchange of scientific research in various physical sciences by holding seminars and scientific conferences, exchange visits and lectures.

  6. Connecting scientific research in the specialty of physical sciences with the needs of the public and private sector and establishing communication channels to activate collaboration for the benefit of the society.

  7. Communication and exchanging of experiences between teachers of public education to raise the efficiency of teaching.


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