Recent Publications

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  1. Form factors and generalized parton distributions of positronium in basis light-front quantization. Lekha Adhikari, Yang Li, Xingbo Zhao, Pieter Maris, James P. Vary, and Alaa Abd El-Hady.; Phys. Rev. C93, 055202 (2016).

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  4. A Comprehensive Theoretical Analysis of 6,7Li +64Zn Elastic Scattering in a Wide Angular Range Around the Coulomb Barrier Awad A. Ibraheem and M. Aygun; Brazilian Journal of Physics 46 (2016)424.

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  22. Elemental Analysis of Marble Used in Saudi Arabia by Different Nuclear Analytical Techniques A El-Taher, Awad A. Ibraheem, S Abdelkawy Applied Radiation and Isotopes Volume 73, ( 2013) 17–20.

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Conferences and Symposiums

  1. “Elastic Scattering Analysis of Heavy Ion at Low Energies” M. A. Hassanin, Awad A. Ibraheem Zakopane conference in nuclear physics in the period 27 Aug. 3 Sep. (2012), Kraków, Poland.