Committee of Student and Alumni Affairs


Committee Duties

  1. Preparation of the student’s guide plan, and follow up its implementation.

  2. Preparation of the graduates’ guide plan, and follow up its implementation.

  3. Activation of student activities (sports, social, cultural, etc.).

  4. Awareness of the importance of academic.

  5. Expand the concept of academic guidance and the role of academic advisor in the student's guide to plan his future education.

  6. Preparation and distribution of questionnaires and collected.

  7. Deepen trust between students and faculty staff.

  8. Receiving and responding to proposals or students' complaints.

  9. Educate students supportive services and activities offered by the college, university and follow-up to provide textbooks and learning resources.


Director of the Committee






Academic Rank

Associate Professor

Office No.


Phone No.


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Mailing Address

Department of Physics, College of Science

King Khalid University

POB: 9004, Postal Code: 61413

Abha, Saudi Arabia