Committee of Scientific Research


Committee Duties

  1. Prepare the scientific research plan in the department, and follow-up the plan implementation.

  2. Provide a complete database of the different research projects.

  3. Provide a complete database of all the research activities for the members of the department.

  4. Coordinate for local, regional and international scientific partnerships.

  5. Organize a periodic scientific lectures among the members of the department by a lecture every two weeks.

  6. Organize every academic semester the activity of the scientific research day of the chemistry department.

  7. Organize ‘the annual research scientific day’ of the university.

  8. Contribute with an advice about the new Master's projects, to ensure that they are in agreement with the Kingdom's Strategic Scientific Research Plan and with 2030 vision.

  9. Coordinate visits of scholar from outside the department.

  10. Prepare the annual report on the committee's performance.


Director of the Committee





Physical Chemistry

Academic Rank

Associate Professor

Office No.


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Mailing Address

Department of Chemistry, College of Science

King Khalid University

POB: 9004, Postal Code: 61413

Abha, Saudi Arabia