Committee of Academic Development and Quality


Committee Duties

  1. To verify the applications of the standards of the Education Evaluation Commission to practices at the department.

  2. To initiate and support plans for the development of the department.

  3. To consolidate the quality culture at the department.

  4. To follow-up the fulfilment of the objectives and the obtainment of the learning outcomes of academic programs at the department.

  5. To provide technical support for the accreditation of academic programs at the department.

  6. To organize the visits of external reviewers and academic accreditation teams.

  7. To revise and develop the contents of files of courses and academic programs.

  8. To supervise the self-studies of the department and the academic programs.

  9. To verify the execution of the priorities of improvements, which are concluded from the self-studies, and the continuity of positive practices.

  10. To review booklets, bulletins and brochures of the departments and the academic programs.

  11. To develop and update the mechanism for implementing the procedures related to the committee's tasks

  12. Prepare the annual report on the committee's performance.


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Analytical Chemistry

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Associate Professor

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Department of Chemistry, College of Science

King Khalid University

POB: 9004, Postal Code: 61413

Abha, Saudi Arabia