Program Information



To graduate distinct chemists in knowledge and skills; effective in society development.


  1. To graduate chemists having deep knowledge in chemistry.

  2. To graduate well trained chemists in laboratory and field, as well as information technology and communication.

  3. To graduate chemists fond of scientific research for problem solving and society development.

  4. To graduate highly skilled chemists in self-learning and scientific thinking.

Learning Outcomes

1- Knowledge:

  • To demonstrate a thorough understanding of the fundamental theories and concepts in chemistry
  • To recognize the fundamentals of mathematics, physics, and biology related to chemical science
  • To outline the recent experimental findings, developments, and applications of chemistry in life

2- Skills:

-To show appropriate applications of skills, methods, techniques and practices in chemistry to solve problems

-To demonstrate good practice of methods of investigation and research in chemistry and related fields

-To illustrate appropriate use of chemicals and equipment for carrying out experiments following safety procedures

-To interpret and evaluate chemical data from the literature and experimental results

3-  Competence:

  • To demonstrate social responsibility and ethical principles
  • To show independency and working effectively in peer relationships for solving problems
  • To acquire self-confidence to enter job market or integrate graduate programs
  • To show effective oral and written communication
  • To transmit relevant technical information from database and professional search engines

Admission Requirements

General Requirements:

  1. Applying student must be a Saudi national or has a Saudi mother.

  2. Applying student must have National Identity.

  3. Applying student must not be dismissed academically or disciplinary from the university or any other Saudi university.

  4. Applying student must not exceed five years from the date of receipt of the high school certificate.

Academic Plan