The Department of Chemistry was established in 1977 as a branch of the College of Education at King Saud University in Abha. In 1998, the two university branches in the Asir region, namely, the Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University branch and King Saud University branch, were merged into one university called King Khalid University. Consequently, the College of Education at King Khalid University was renamed as the College of Science where Department of Chemistry was kept as one of its departments.


The Department of Chemistry offers two degrees for both male and female students, namely, Bachelor of Science and Master of Science. The Department of Chemistry includes four traditional branches, namely, Organic, Inorganic, Physical, and Analytical. The Department of Chemistry teaches a number of courses to students at the College of Pharmacy, College of Applied Medical Science, College of Engineering, and College of Humanities.


The Department of Chemistry qualifies the graduates with knowledge and professional skills, which are necessary for them to compete in a number of career fields in both the public and privet sectors. These career fields include Academic Field in Higher Education Institutes (public and privet), Industrial Field (Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Food, Medicine, and Water), Laboratories at Government and Privet Institutes (Military, Hospitals, and Schools).


The Department of Chemistry contains several teaching and research laboratories, which are well equipped with cutting-edge technological equipments. All these resources are used to train the students at both the undergraduate and the graduate levels, and to perform research projects by researchers and faculty members for the purpose of serving the community and contributing to the process of comprehensive development of the nation.


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