In the name Allah


Praise be to Allah says in the Holy Qur'an "Do deeds! Allah will see your deeds, and (so well) His Messenger and the believers". And Peace and blessings on human teacher "Mohammed" and his Family.


The development of a nation is measured by its up-to-date in all sciences and cognitive aspects of the life. This is realized by constantly developing the skills of human resources and conducting more recent and advanced research. Biology is a fundamental science that leads to understand the basses of all the other sciences. So, development in biology usually results in developing of all other branches of pure and applied science. From this point of view, Biology Department of King Khalid University does the best to create an excellent opportunity for Saudi citizens to study the biological sciences according to national advanced academic standards of quality to enable them to participate in the overall development of the nation. In recent years, Biology department has a remarkable achievement in academic, scientific research for fulfillment its ultimate goal that is graduation of distinguished graduates, who have the competence to achieve the scientific development of our nation.


The Biology department aims to graduate distinguished bachelor's and master's graduates and provide them with the skills that qualify them to work in various disciplines and fields, as well as conducting scientific and applied research to address the critical problems facing the society. The Biology department tries to publish the results of the applied research among the citizens simply in ways, such as brochures, training courses, seminars and public lectures. It also, contributes to provide with the scientific and technical advices and communicates with people to solve many public problems. To achieve its vision and mission, the department has consistently to take serious measures towards ensure the quality of its outputs. The department hopes to be a distinguish institution at the local and regional level via preparation good plans and attraction of distinguished staff. It tries to follow strategies related to the labor market and community service. The department developed its academic and research plans to make distinguished stakeholders who will participate in making the promising future of beloved kingdom.


Head of Department