Committee of Student Affairs


Committee Duties

  1. Determine the academically outstanding and weak students.

  2. Follow-up the academically outstanding students and guide them to suitable job fields or graduate study path.

  3. Follow-up the academically weak students and provide them with any necessary support to improve their academic level.

  4. Examine student complaints and submit the recommendations to the department chair.

  5. Organize and support extracurricular activities (academic, cultural, social, and sport activities) in coordination with the relevant authorities, and encourage students to engage in these activities.

  6. Examine student’s violation of university regulations and submit the recommendations to the department chair.

  7. Coordinate student training inside and outside the department with the relevant authorities.

  8. Select student council members, supervise student council outcomes, schedule student council meetings, and follow-up the implementation of student council recommendations.

  9. Supervise preparation and organization of the new student welcome party.

  10. Assess the relevant of department environment for students and submit the recommendations to the department chair.

  11. Collect student communication information.

  12. Develop and update forms related to the committee's processes.

  13. Develop and update the mechanism for achieving committee's tasks.

  14. Prepare the annual committee's performance report.


Director of the Committee





Organic Chemistry

Academic Rank

Assistant Professor

Office No.


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Mailing Address

Department of Chemistry, College of Science

King Khalid University

POB: 9004, Postal Code: 61413

Abha, Saudi Arabia