Internal Transfer Requirements and Deadline for the Second Semester 1437–1438

The Deanship of Admission and Registration at King Khalid University (KKU), has announced the external transfer period for the second semester of the academic year 1437–1438 AH, which will start on Sunday 01–05–1438 AH, and will last until Tuesday 03–05–1438 AH.


Transfer Requirements:

  • Internal Transfer Request Form must be submitted through the website of Deanship of Admission and Registration (Academia)

  • The Internal Transfer includes the following options:


Type of Internal Transfer

Conditions and Regulations

 Change the Study Type

(Females Only)

 Transfer from affiliation to regular

  • GPA should be 3 or above

  • Pass 2 actual academic semesters

  • Not exceeding 6 academic semesters

 Transfer from regular to affiliation

  • GPA is not a requirement

  • The application submission deadline is at the end of the semester withdrawing period

 Change the Degree

 Transfer from diploma degree to bachelor degree

  • GPA should be 4 or above

  • Pass 4 academic semesters of the diploma degree plan

  • Do not withdraw any course during the 4 academic semesters

 Transfer from bachelor degree to diploma degree

(01–05–1438 AH until 10–05–1438 AH)

  • GPA is not a requirement

  • The period of study should be at least 2 academic semesters and not exceeding 12 academic semesters

  • The student cannot transfer back to the bachelor degree

 Change the Discipline

 Transfer from discipline to another discipline

  • Transfer is allowed one time between colleges

  • Transfer is allowed two times between college's departments

  • Three choices may be selected

  • All applications will be treated according to student GPA

  • Pass 2 semesters and not exceeding 4 semesters

  • Pass any test that is requested by the new department (if there is any).

  • Acceptance of the applications depends on the vacancy number in the designated departme


Important Notes:

  • Please choose carefully and accurately your three choices

  • Total commitment to the deadline and the place of the transfer

  • Follow-up your application through the electronic portal (Academia).